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> Blog: Time to spread their wings

Homesickness is one of the things we get asked about a lot by parents. Ali Duffy, Centre Operations Manager at PGL Boreatton Park gives an insight into how you can help your child enjoy their stay at PGL.

From radar to zip wire

A brief history of Bawdsey Manor, our new adventure centre in Woodbridge, Suffolk. We have some exciting plans for developing this fantastic manor house and grounds but it also has an intriguing history that began in 1886. Here's the story so far ...

Conquering fear to reach new heights

PGL Sponsored Athlete and climber, Emily Phillips tells us a bit more about herself, her sport, how she manages training with schoolwork and why she loves to climb so much that she didn't let a fear of heights stand in her way!

Empowering with adventure

Many youth groups that come to PGL find the combination of outdoor adventure and the residential experience to be hugely beneficial for the development and confidence of young people.

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