Le Pré Catelan
Opal Coast

for secondary schools



About Le Pré Catelan

If you’re looking for a secondary school trip to France and want a location on the Opal Coast that can offer something a little bit different, then Le Pré Catelan is the perfect choice, especially for years 7-8.

It’s a great location to enjoy some authentic cultural experiences such as a visit to Le Touquet market or a traditional boulangerie, and there are some unique learning opportunities presented by the range of WWI centenary visits available at Le Pré Catelan.

Encourage them to practise their language skills as you explore the local places of interest on one of our French Language and Culture courses. And at the end of an exciting day, your students will be able to enjoy some of the adventure activities on offer in the centre grounds and on the beach, which is a short 10 minutes walk away.

Popular Excursions


  • Students - Multi-bedded rooms, each with a wash basin
  • Teachers - Twin or triple en suite rooms with hot drink facilities

Toilets are on each floor plus newly refurbished separate shower and toilet block.


  • On-site activity bases
  • Spacious dining room
  • Teachers’ lounge with complimentary tea and coffee
  • Private gardens and grounds
  • Shop
  • Wi-Fi access for teachers

Activities available

The grounds at Le Pré Catelan offer a fantastic choice of free adventure activities for you and your group to take advantage of whilst on centre.

The nearby beach also offers even more activities to try out - it's a great way to pack even more adventure and fun into your trip to the Opal Coast.

See the evening entertainment on offer at Le Pré Catelan.

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Our centres in northern France offer a fantastic range of delicious food choices for you and your group to enjoy. We source fresh, regional produce whenever we can and you’ll always find a cultural flavour to our menus. Our aim is to ensure your group leaves feeling full and happy. If a member of your group has a specific dietary requirement or is particularly choosy about what they eat, we will always prepare something suitable. And if they’d like some more to eat, we can offer alternatives and extra food.

Encouraging healthy eating
You’ll always find a good selection of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables on offer every day. A range of salads is available at lunch and dinner time and fresh fruit is available at every meal.

A Continental feel
We like to provide a balance by providing food which is familiar but also by giving you an opportunity to try food with a distinctly French flavour too – why not try some snails?

Enjoy your food
We strive to provide nutritious meals wherever you are eating them – as well as a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. So, whether you’re in the surroundings of our clean and pleasant dining rooms or on the banks of a river, enjoy your food with PGL!

Food at Chateau de Grande Romaine for Secondary Schools

View our sample menus for centres in northern France:
English version, French version

Sample Day

Sample day for Secondary Schools at Le Pré Catelan
Schedule Activities
07.00 - 09.00 Get up, get ready and fuel up for the day ahead
09.15 - 12.30 Morning activities - usually 2 sessions
12.30 - 14.00 Dry off & clean up. Your choice of packed lunch on centre
14.15 - 17.30 Afternoon activities - 2 exciting sessions
18.00 - 19.00 Time to eat again - a different menu each day
19.00 - 21.00 Talent shows, campfires, quizzes and more. The evening entertainment programme keeps you laughing until bedtime.
21.00 / 21.30 Bedtime. Catch up on some zzz's and prepare to do it all over again tomorrow!
Inclusive Packages for Trips to Opal Coast

Inclusive Packages for Trips to Opal Coast

We’ve put our most popular visits on the opal coast into our inclusive itinerary packages to give you the best of what the region has to offer.

2019 French Language and Culture Brochure

2019 French Language and Culture Brochure