5 reasons we love campfires

Brownies and guides sitting around a campfire

Gathering around the campfire at the end of an action-packed day is a key part of the PGL experience for many young people. It's a fun way to relax and share stories with each other and maybe toast the odd marshmallow or two! But a campfire can also offer many opportunities for personal development too.

Here are 5 ways in which campfires can benefit young people:

1. Building confidence 
From telling stories about the day's adventures to singing a song or playing a game of Chinese Whispers, there are so many fun ways to encourage individuals to come out of their shell in a supportive and relaxed environment. Making a contribution in front of the group requires courage and a positive attitude - qualities that can help young people throughout their lives.

2. Thinking creatively
Did you hear the tale of the magical furry creatures that live in the PGL woods? There's nothing like a bit of creative storytelling to engage the group and indulge their imaginations. For younger children, making up funny stories, song lyrics or re-enacting their favourite comedy moment from the day, are all great ways to bring out their creative side and develop some imaginative thinking.

3. Self-reflection
Sitting around the campfire in a relaxed and friendly setting is the ideal opportunity to reflect on the learnings from the day - the challenges, the triumphs and the new experiences shared with friends. Encouraging the group to talk about what they liked, what they didn't, how they might do things differently, how they conquered their fears etc., will help them learn more about themselves.

4. Empowerment
It might be belting out another verse of the Banana Song or a very convincing impression of Mr Smith's face on the zip wire that has everyone in fits of laughter, but it's all about having the freedom to share thoughts and feelings - and feeling comfortable doing so. A campfire offers the perfect setting for young people to express themselves in a non-judgemental environment.

5. Relationship building
Bringing people together for some quality time where they can learn more about each other and have fun is an important part of the adventure experience. Campfires offer a social space where young people have the opportunity to make new friends and strengthen existing bonds and friendships. They are always best when shared with others, so make your next campfire one to remember!

By PGL Travel.

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