GCSEs - the results are in!

Congratulations to everyone who received the GCSE results they were hoping for this week. They're the culmination of a great deal of hard work on both the part of those taking the exams, their teachers and parents.

The changes in exam content and grading structure have provided additional challenges this year for all involved and will continue to do so as they're rolled out across more subjects over the next academic year.

Solid foundations
As all teachers know, good grades are rarely achieved solely through last minute cramming and revision. The foundations for good academic results are broad based and laid early in a student's career.

It's important for children to develop the mindset early on that with effort, they can learn new skills and succeed in areas that they initially find difficult. They need to understand that the brain is malleable and ability can be developed through hard work and dedication.

Confidence through new experiences
Undertaking a range of new activities on a PGL trip can help young people develop a growth mindset and become more confident. As well as trying new activities, the experience of staying away from home and sharing a room with their peers can help them develop the resilience and self-belief to adapt to the challenges that they will meet in life.

Physical activity
In addition, research shows us that physical activity can actually improve aspects of brain function and cognition. Developing an early enjoyment of and a habitual participation in physical activity will not only benefit young people when they get to GCSEs but also throughout their school lives and beyond.

And finally....
Of course, once the exam dates are looming on the horizon, revision is all important and a PGL Revision Break can really help students benefit from structured revision sessions interspersed with sessions providing physical challenge.

By PGL Travel.

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