Rethinking Revision

For many young people, exam time can be a daunting prospect. Likewise, if you're a teacher or parent struggling to instil a sense of urgency in a reluctant teenager facing the oncoming express train of exams, encouraging them to focus, plan and most of all dedicate their time to revision (rather than scrolling through their phone), can feel like pushing a very large boulder up a very steep hill!

One way to help students (reluctant or otherwise) revise successfully is to take them out of their everyday environment, away from distractions, and put them in a situation where everything is in place to help them make the most of their time and revise effectively.

Study + activity = successful revision

Expert opinion and let's face it, common sense, tells us that hitting the books for long periods without a break is not going to give the best results. By breaking revision up into manageable chunks and interspersing this with other activities - preferably including some physical exercise outdoors - this can help stimulate the production of endorphins, increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and can boost recall.

A residential revision break can provide a great start to the revision process or an opportunity to consolidate and fill in gaps nearer to exams. The right revision break will provide much more than classroom space and facilities for learning, it will also include structured physical activities that enable students to return to their studies relaxed and refreshed, with increased confidence and positivity.

"The combination of fantastic activities and intensive study sessions was the perfect partnership. Our students felt more open to learning following activities and felt invigorated to challenge themselves and deepen their knowledge and understanding of GCSE English and Maths. They all wanted to stay longer and do more revision work!" Highfields Science Specialist School.

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